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Here are important 9x firmware upgrade links you need.

1. WIKI Page This is the ultimate destination for information related to open source firmware for the 9x transmitter. Go here first. You'll want to decide which firmware is right for you. Once you've reviewed the WIKI page, check at the 9x forums for Q&A and all the latest info.

2. Download the new firmware to your computer.
- er9x - is the firmware we are most familiar with.
- Open9x - is an expanded version of er9x. Many people really like this
- Others are available, as well. check for full information

3. Download an EEPROM Editor. This is the software that enables your computer to communicate with your 9x transmitter.
- eePe - is the original EEPROM editor for the 9x
- Companion9x - builds on eePe to add additional functionality

4. Download the ParkeFlyer Sample Models. This is a pre-configured collection of radio setup settings and sample models we put together to help people get up and running quickly. The settings in this package match the recommending settings in the ParkeFlyer er9x Manual. These only work if you choose the er9x firmware.

Important! er9x and epee (and other 9x firmware packages and tools) are available at no charge, but are powered by your donations. Please consider making a donation to the developers.